Music is, and has been good to me. I continue to be consumed by its grace and power. It seems to be in all my dreams. Soft sweet melodies,with instructions of how to live ones life in harmony…. My wife and all my children are musicians… they are an amazingly good and loving bunch… My three sons are a band called “Family Force 5”, a creative monster that wants to dance with you, google them, you’ll like it. I have a daughter in law, Bethany Dick Olds, a fiddle playing, singer of songs, singer songwriter, so good she can make you laugh, make you sing, and make you sigh. Another daughter in law Lauren Olds, writer, singer, dancer, mom to my grand son Cash “the boss”  and my wonderful wife, lover and friend, who is also a great “front of house” audio engineer to a 10,000 member church, she’s real…I share my joys with you to say….

I’ve often wondered what the luckiest man on earth might look like. He’d have friends near and far, heirs to give him heirs, a wife who is lover, comforter & friend, worth while things to do and most importantly, a God to worship and guide his life. He wouldn’t have to tell anyone he was the luckiest… everyone he met… would already know….

When I was younger, I played the Royal Albert Hall in London, Soccer stadiums in Rio, “Catch a Rising Star” with Robin Willams, Paul Shaffer, some of the Conan band. Played with Bill Cosby, The four Tops, The Temptations and Tina Turner here in Atlanta… I ran a road where the sign post read ”ME”…“Mostly Me”… or hey look it’s “Me and a Friend”…. then one day…. I came to the end of myself… called out to a God that I hoped was there… needing Him to release healing into my life…. I still weep as I sing, “Break my heart, don’t let me turn to stone”…. I felt God lean in and whisper “serve me now and serve me later” and since those days, I am a prisoner of Christ… also I’ve realized this is “later”…..  I have enjoyed serving Him….. please pray for me as I pray for you…. I want to sing again… I tried to resist, but fell in love with a God…. I saw my love, and He showed me, my most intimate need…. I wanted Him, in every possible way…. “my life His love, my love His life”, so beautiful and full of grace… creator of man and womankind… offering forgiveness and mercy, to you, me and the human race… welcome …..

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